Monday, June 25, 2012

Qur'An Majeed the Best Source of Guidance

In sci-fi experiences, we often came across with experiences of intellect blessed by some extraterrestrial people or by some individuals from the long run to some boy or to some impaired individual. The boy or that impaired individual after being blessed begin operating in outstanding methods. Individuals around him wonder about this very uncommon modify in that boy or individual. These sci-fi experiences often entice a lot of peoples. A U. S. saying says that Information are unfamiliar person than stories and this is proven reality that in actual life there is Something which can modify an common individual to an extra-ordinary lifestyle and this is our Sacred Book; "Qur'an Majeed". This is a proven reality that Qur'an Majeed can modify every individual. It can change everything. It can provide intellect and durability to any individual who flows and is aware of about the Qur'anic Phrases.

To comprehend its importance, take an example of "Man from future". Assume that researchers have developed "Time machine". Now it is available to us. We have suggested to deliver one brilliant man to the long run to see and tell us what is our future? He goes and comes returning to us and informs us. He informs that some peoples were effective because they were shifting on the direction of achievements and some peoples were not effective as they were not following the direction of achievements. The man who goes to the long run also informs about the direction of achievements. If we will not adhere to that direction, absolutely, we will not be effective. Actually, we will be regarded silly, if we will not do anything for achievements.

Now think on extensive. Qur'an Majeed is a Guide published by ALLAH Himself. ALLAH has designed this book while considering previous, existing and upcoming. This book is informing us our upcoming and informing us, who will be effective and who will not be effective in this globe as well as hereafter. The individual who will not adhere to the terms of ALLAH and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) will also be regarded silly after understanding all these factors.

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